Welcome to C.R.A.SSH - Cisco Remote Automation via SSH’s documentation!

C.R.A.SSH (crassh) stands for Cisco Remote Automation via SSH, it is a python script for automating commands on Cisco devices.

Crassh can be used by network administrators to quickly run the same command(s) on multiple devices, or it can be imported as a module by developers as part of a wider Cisco/Python project.

Why crassh?

I’ve called the tool Cisco Remote Automation via SSH, or C.R.A.SSH for short. The name is in homage to S.H.I.E.L.D because I really wanted the name to sound like “crash” as a way of reminding users that if you are not careful this script is a car-crash-waiting-to-happen!


The word Cisco is used as a description because this script should work with any Cisco IOS device. Cisco is a registered trademark of Cisco Systems Inc; this script is not associated, endorsed, supported or affiliated in any way with Cisco and none of these are implied.